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Massage Therapy

Beyond the endless benefits of massages including reducing pain, stress, tension, muscle soreness, blood pressure and increasing circulation, relaxation, energy and immune function. Coupling manual therapy with your Physical Therapy will accelerate your healing and well-being.

Oil Massage

All Massages Are Not Created Equal

Integrating our therapeutic massages with your treatment plan, or requesting a massage from Concierge Rehab has a variety of benefits. One can achieve faster recovery, reduce post operative pain, and decrease stress. Therapeutic massage can boost levels of calmness and a feeling of well being. Combining your treatment with massage and various modalities allows for a reduction of inflammation and scar tissue, as well as, improved postural alignment.

Oil Massage
Hot Stones Massage

Not A Cookie Cutter Approach

We integrate a variety of modalities to your massage, tailoring your treatment to your specific needs. Essential oils, hot stones, cupping, etc can add to the benefits of your treatment.

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